iLucidata is an iOS app that aims to elucidate your iStock sales data.

If you have an iStock contributor account, you can download iLucidata onto your iPhone or iPad and it will help you keep track of your sales and stats.

Support for iLucidata is through the iStock Tools and Apps forum. Just look for the iLucidata thread there.

When you run iLucidata for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your iStock username and password. Then tap 'Login' to check that you have entered them correctly. You can then move to the Stats screen; tap the Refresh button in the bottom-left of the screen to update your stats.

Your data will automatically update in the background and will alert you via the Notification Centre if you balance has changed.

If you don't want updates to happen automatically, you can switch it off through Settings. From your device's Home screen:

If you want the updates to happen but don't want the notifications, or don't want the alert sound, again you can switch those off through Settings. From your device's Home screen:

The Recent Sales Screen shows you your most recent downloads with a small thumbnail, title, collection, total downloads, total royalty, and the date of the last sale. Tap on an entry in the recent sales list to see that file's recent sales history.
The File History Screen shows you a more detailed breakdown of when a file sold, what size sold, and how much you earned for that sale in royalties.

If you need to reload the File History, pull down on the sales list below the image.

When loading data in the background, your iphone only gives the app a few seconds to do all its work before shutting the app down. The File History is one of the last things (along with the daily historical stats) to load, so you may find that the File History has often not updated. A quick refresh is all you need to get back in sync.

The Historical Stats screen shows you a chart of your royalty and downloads for the current year or current month (tap the middle button on the tool bar to switch between the two views). Touch the graph to see details.

The daily stats are the very last thing that the app tries to load from iStock. As mentioned in the File History section above, the iStock servers may not react quickly enough to send this data. Tapping the Refresh button at the bottom-left of the Historical Stats screen will bring the daily stats back up-to-date.

The current version of iLucidata (v1.0.0 as of 20th August 2014) only tracks regular iStock sales. Details of Subscription Sales, Extended License Sales, Getty Images Sales, Partner Program Sales - anything that isn't a regular sale - won't appear other than as a Balance change. Other types of sale may be included in future versions of the app.